For years Dani has studied, volunteered and self-educated in the creative fields of art, design and writing. After deciding to turn her passions into a career, and following endless daydreams about the perfect logo and marketing plan,  Gull's Graphic Design was born.

Currently completing several courses to upgrade her technical and design skills, Dani also has education in Media Studies and Tourism Marketing. Over the last ten years, she has worked in a wide variety of creative settings, including; non-profit marketing, design for small business, social media management and tourism.

Dani also provides creative gardening design and planning services and has a love for the outdoors. 


Having Dani as a marketing specialist on my team has been a god send. Her organizational skills, quality of work, independent work ethic and creativity have made her a valuable asset to my organization. I would recommend Dani in a heartbeat and do for anyone looking for an independent team player who is able to effectively execute the vision and voice of an organization.
— Sarah Kathleen, Owner Vibrant Living Institute, Vibrant Living with Sarah