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We’re just finishing up a website refresh in the studio and were inspired to share a few items that will make your site soar above the rest.

Consider how your site displays on mobile

According to Hallman Internet, the number of combined mobile and tablet users has now surpassed desktop users. Having an unfriendly site can even hamper your Google search engine rankings.

It’s certainly worth a second look to make sure your layout and content are displaying nicely on mobile devices. You can check your website’s responsiveness quickly with Designmodo’s responsive test tool.

It’s also worth mentioning that, for Wordpress users, plugins within your website’s framework should also be tested for responsiveness. For example, you may find that certain gallery image plugins do not display nicely over mobile devices.

Pro Tip: Website footers do matter! Even though it appears at the end of your website, a complete and well laid out footer adds a very professional look. Reseller Club does a great job of explaining this and highlighting some common footer elements.


At Gull’s Graphics, we take a full-minded approach to your website refresh projects. We’ll work with you to make sure the updated branding and messaging is saying exactly what you want it to say…and to the right audience.

Use your tagline to craft your content

Business News Daily explains just how important a relevant tagline is. It may take you some extra time, but it will set you miles apart from your competitors and help explain to your audience why they should do business with you and what benefits they will gain.

You can use a tagline generator to start your brainstorming session, and remember to Google your tagline to see who may already be using it.

Align with your current branding

So, you already have a logo and list of must-have’s for your website refresh?

The easiest way to tie in your current or desired branding into the website design is to create a brand guide. The guide displays your logo(s) in all variations as well as your colours (in CMYK, RGB and HEX) and the name of the typeface you use. You can also include any icons, complimentary graphics, or business-wide brand guidelines (i.e. the horizontal logo is to be used on all website headers).

Use imagery to create your digital storefront or office. These days, many businesses operate without a physical storefront so creating graphics and using photography on your website is the equivalent of hiring an interior designer for your new office space.

Post quotes or images of your employees, take visitors on a journey when they visit. GoDaddy offers some excellent suggestions on how to implement branding on your website graphics.