This particular project was a 70+ page report for a non-profit environmental association. It was complete with branding and custom layout, table of contents and other features. The finishing touches came in the form of photography taken by members of the association and the finished product was a testament to the group’s hard work and research.

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Displayed here is a custom-sized insert for a manufacturing client. The design, content and packaging details were discussed and implemented into the final design which was later translated and sent for printing. The design is the face of the product as it is displayed in stores. 

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 Displayed here is one of a series of three mail-out's for a corporate client. It is the finished product after a long series of branding and brainstorming discussions. The postcard design was created for a specific target audience along with targeted messaging to grab their attention.

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4. Event INvitations

You work so hard putting together your annual event, so let the world know about it with a custom event invitation. We can personalize it as well as provide suitable files for printed and digital versions. You’re invited to try out this service today!

5. White Papers

We’ve all heard by now that “content is king”. We are thrilled to be able to offer you custom content creation. We can handle the whole thing from concept creation, to research, to the final & polished design. Take this historical home handout for example - this client was able to have a handy giveaway to share with their customers.

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